Research Group

I have an active research group of doctoral and masters students. Presently, I do not have any openings for the 2015 - 2016 academic year. If you are interested in joining my group, you must first be accepted into a program at the University of Maryland. For the School of Public Policy, take a look at our page for Prospective Students: 


Ryna Yiyun Cui, School of Public Policy

Master in Public Policy, College of William and Mary, 05/2010

My research focuses on international climate policy, mitigation burden-sharing, and the regional impacts in the agriculture sector. Specifically, my dissertation addresses the equity issue of climate policy by looking for evidences in the global food system and investigates how different mitigation strategies affect the food security of the most vulnerable population. I have also conducted research in the areas of global carbon markets, energy policy and coal-fired power plants in China. I am originally from Beijing, China, a city where I grew up and deeply love. 

Adria Schwarber, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences

University of Louisville BA Chemistry, BA Political Science

My research interests revolve around evaluating climate change impacts through use of Integrated Assessment Models. In the past I worked on development of a simple climate model for policy applications. Currently I am working on evaluating human health impacts from increased temperature events. At UMD, I am currently involved in the Graduate Student Government as a Departmental Representative and serve on the Legislative Action Committee. I am funded by the Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI). 

Elizabeth Tennant,  School of Public Policy

My research currently focuses on adaptation to climate change. I am also a research assistant on a SEED grant from the UMD Council of the Environment, “Studying the future of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Region by Coupling Socio-Economic and Earth-System Models”.