Robert T. Grimm, Jr. become the first Professor and Director of a Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management program created by a generous gift to the university in January 2010.  This program prepares undergraduate and graduate students to be leaders in addressing problems in our global society through substantial hands on experiences and was recently profiled by the Washington Post.      

Before joining the University of Maryland, Grimm served as Director of Research and Policy Development at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) from 2004-2010.  He was also appointed Senior Counselor to the CEO of CNCS  in 2006.  CNCS is an independent, federal grant-making agency with an annual budget of over one billion dollars and administrator of programs such as AmeriCorps.  Dr. Grimm, originally appointed to his position by the Bush Administration, was re-appointed by the Obama Administration.  In his first address to Congress, President Obama called for the passage of the Serve America Act, which Congress subsequently passed.  The President signed the Kennedy Serve America Act (2009) during his first hundred days in office.  Dr. Grimm was highly involved in the passage and implementation of this historic and highly bi-partisan legislation, including the creation of the new Social Innovation Fund and the strategic planning to set AmeriCorps on a trajectory to grow from 75,000 to 250,000 volunteers per year. 

Grimm has researched and written on a variety of topics, including nonprofit management, public policy, charitable behaviors, volunteering, national service, and civic engagement.  The research team he led at CNCS produced work that has been publicly characterized as a "landmark in civic renewal" and featured extensively on major media outlets and national newspapers.  Dr. Grimm's research has been further published in places such as the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, and Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Grimm holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University where he taught in the graduate and executive education programs of the Center on Philanthropy. While at Indiana, he authored a book on the philosophies and approaches of notable American philanthropists.

Dr. Grimm graduated summa cum laude from Monmouth College (IL) in 1996 and received the 2010 Young Alumnus Award from Monmouth. 

Areas of Interest:
Philanthropy, Nonprofit Management