Our research group consists of primarily Ph.D. and masters' students working on aspects of international climate policy, national energy and mitigation policy, energy technologies, and modeling. We do some work focusing on global scale and some looking at national level policies and mitigation action. We also do collaboration on integrated assessment modeling in GCAM with the Joint Global Change Research Institute. If you are a prospective Masters or PhD student with interest in our research please see the contact page for more information. We are looking for people with diverse skill sets and interests in national mitigation policies, international climate policy, and national and international energy pathways. Modeling interest and skills are also a fit but are not required for group research. This research is often international in focus and cross-national, so regional expertise is welcome.

(above) Research Group, September 2011.  

(above) Research Group May 2011

Field research: Santa Elisa ethanol/sugar mill in Brazil